ADI Dual Controls

Besway Dual Controls specialise and produce only Rod Operated dual controls and all controls are designed and manufactured to fit individual vehicles. Controls can be set to react with the drivers pedal or to remain stationary, Bestway dual controls have a smooth operation and are rattle free. The pedals are tailor-made for angular pedal pad adjustment and the pedals can be easily detached for out of hours use.  


He Man Dual Controls have been designing and manufacturing Dual Controls since 1931, in this time He-Man has supplied dual controls to all the major UK motor manufacturers. He-Man is the leading UK dual controls supplier and is the preferred dual control system for most of the motor manufacturers who supply cars in the UK. He Man Dual Controls are designed and thoroughly tested prior to approval by the vehicle manufacturer.

We also Supply and Fit:

Front and Rear parking sensors
Apart from the safety and teaching advantages, financially Parking Sensors will pay for themselves if it prevents you having just one accident.

Price From Only £125+VAT

Drivers Footwell Illumination Kits
A switch able light fitted below the dash enabling you to monitor and instruct pupils on night lessons.

Price From Only £35+VAT

Roof Signs
Vinyl roof sign with rubber backed magnets (helping protect your roof from scratches) with text of your choice on a white background.

Price From Only £85+VAT plus p&p

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